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April 2019
April 2019

Over three days, the storm will unfold across about 1,400 miles, including parts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic that got battered over the weekend by severe storms.
<p>An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck Taiwan's coastal city of Hualien on Thursday, the weather bureau said, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.</p>
American summers are hot.
While most people do not live in close proximity to an active volcano, those who do must live with the lingering threat of eruption.
There is the potential for tornadoes Thursday as the storm moves into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle
Temperatures will be the definition of pleasant on Thursday as the Bay Area faces its hottest day of the year so far. "Hot" may be an overstatement for coastal cities, but inland, temperatures will likely hover around the mid-80s. The high for San Jose is forecast to reach 83 degrees, while San Francisco should be a mild 75 degrees. ALSO: Don't miss Friday's 'pink moon' "It's normal for spring," said National Weather Service meteorologist Steve...
Greek officials say a lightning bolt has struck the Acropolis in Athens during a rainstorm, lightly injuring two visitors and two guards but causing no damage to the ancient site. A culture ministry statement Wednesday said the citadel's lightning conductor, which is set apart from the 2,500-year-old marble buildings, was hit.
Select roads within Yellowstone National Park will open for the spring-summer season Friday at 8 a.m., the park announced this week.
Following another severe weather outbreak into the start of the extended Easter weekend, much of the nation will be free from powerhouse storms on Sunday, but there will be areas of unsettled conditions. People are encouraged to closely monitor severe weather bulletins at their location and along their travel routes from Wednesday to Saturday. Even on Easter Sunday and beyond some secondary roads may be blocked by flooding in parts of the...
In stark contrast to the warmth and sunshine enjoyed this past weekend by millions in the Northeast, a much wetter forecast is in the works for the upcoming holiday weekend.&nbsp;
So you missed the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" back in January. And the supermoon in March. There won't be another total lunar eclipse until May 2021, but don't give up just yet: Friday, you can catch a Pink Moon. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, this year's Full Pink Moon will reach peak fullness at 6:12 a.m. CST on Friday. Despite what the name suggests, the Pink Moon is not actually pink. It is simply the nickname that was given to April's...
It's no surprise that a winter featuring a polar vortex, a late-season "bomb cyclone" and spring featuring a blizzard that was nearly a "bomb cyclone" would cause significantly more energy usage in several Midwestern cities. But just how drastic were the increases and where did they occur? Estimated fuel usage for heating and likely costs from the...
Say it ain't snow in one city in Maine.
The Bramble Cay melomys, a rat native to Australia, is claimed to be the first mammal to go extinct from "human-induced" climate change.
The ominous gray clouds hovering above Los Angeles on Tuesday aren’t likely to produce much more than the occasional sprinkle for the region before summer-like temperatures return later in the week.
Showers and lower temperatures are forecast across the Phoenix area late Tuesday as a weather system moves across the state.
Torrential rainstorms have lashed drought-stricken Afghanistan in recent days, bringing widespread flooding that has killed at least five people and washed away homes including in the capital Kabul, officials said Tuesday.
A full moon is seen as it rises over the New York City skyline seen from West Orange, N.J., Saturday, April 4, 2015.&nbsp;
It's been the dreariest April in Seattle history. After 0.01 inches of rain fell on Sunday, Seattle entered the 12th consecutive day with rain, according to the National Weather Service.&nbsp;
Tornadoes in the South, floods in the Midwest, crazy heat in Alaska. What's going on with the extreme weather this year?
FRANKLIN, Tex. — As a powerful tornado bore down on Saturday, Victor Henry pulled his wife and children into the hallway of their home. “It started lifting us up, and my son grabbed my shoulder and said, ‘Daddy,’ and I said, ‘Hold on,’” Mr. Henry, 49, recalled on Monday. The tornado tore off the roof of the house and ripped out the center. “Debris was flying all over,” Mr. Henry recalled. “After it was over and everything, we kind of got up and,...
At least 5 inches of snow whitened Chicago's O'Hare Airport. That made Sunday one of the top two snowiest days this late in the season.&nbsp;
A new report breaks down ten American rivers that are most at risk in 2019.
We've polluted the deepest oceans with plastic garbage, so it's not surprising we're also ruining our most pristine mountain peaks too.
Record-early Alaska river thaw follows high winter temperatures
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